ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) has recently brought out the 98th issue of quarterly "Adbiyat" in which, besides creative writings of the distinctive writers and poets, the young writers, women and writers from Balochistan have been provided an opportunity to get their literary attempts published.

PAL Chairman Abdul Hameed said that changes among the nations occur with the advent of time and literature is the best medium to interpret these changes. It inculcates changes in our lives imperceptibility. After reading a masterpiece of literature, apparently we remain the same but in fact we are inwardly changed and this is the fundamental function of literature.

He said that beautiful motherland in fact is a multilingual country and most of Pakistani languages pertain to different regions, but one thing puts them in order on the same string and that is the literature written in these languages, which is a true mirror image of collective mind of Pakistani nation.

It is the need of the hour that literature created in Pakistani languages be translated into Urdu, English and other international languages as maximum as possible, so that literature of these languages may be introduced internationally. The PAL is already making its efforts.

In this quarterly several translations of Pakistani languages have been included. It represents writers from all over the country as their pieces have been included in the form of literary genres as Hamd, Naat, fiction, poem, criticism, autobiography and Hiko.