Lahore - The PCB has strongly refuted a story in “The Nation’ titled “Sethi struggles to hold PCB top slot”, calling it a total misrepresentation of facts based on unnamed ‘anonymous sources.  The PCB spokesman said that “It is absolutely incorrect that the Caretaker Chairman has sought signatures on a blank paper from regional heads.” Not a single regional head has been named in this insinuation is clear proof of the lie that is being propagated.”

 The bogey of the Caretaker Chairman influencing media broadcast rights has been raised again, despite several statements from the PCB that the committee entrusted with this task is the same as for the last occasion when such rights were auctioned in a transparent manner. The Caretaker Chairman plays no role in this process because he is not a member of this committee. Najam Sethi has also publically invited media groups to nominate a senior journalist to serve on this committee to ensure that such charges are not leveled. Mr. Ehsan Mani, former head of ICC, is the lead consultant and member of this committee, as he was on the last occasion.

 The article in question quotes a certain Major (R) Suddle as a petitioner against the Caretaker Chairman. This is not a fact. Maj (R) Suddle’s petition before the Division Bench of the Islamabad High Court has been rejected and not filed in the appeal. There is no petition against Mr. Sethi in any court, said the PCB spokesman. Certain people are blackmailing the Caretaker Chairman to give them lucrative jobs, failing which they are leveling allegations and blackmailing the PCB. –PR