ISLAMABAD - The two retired general’s hostilities for intriguing over POA are getting rough and dreadful as affiliated members/federations remained in a in fix as they regret being dragged into this war for sports power in Pakistan.

Gen Arif Hassan won his third tenure as President POA on Feb 2012, an election in which all parties participated, though he contested for third tenure which was against 2002 Parliament amendments and restriction. IOC representative was present on the occasion and later elections results were endorsed by the IOC.

Subsequently Gen Sahi who had lost the election got court order involving PSB/Sports Ministry  for third time tenure restriction, despite the fact that he himself participated in the elections. The court agreed that affiliated/federation bodies need to follow sports policy of Pakistan and absolved Gen Arif Hassan POA in Para 10 of the said order. PSB contends that POA falls under it in a context and hence its official's stands debar to hold office for third time.

Meanwhile Gen Sahi sponsored by the PSB won elections held on July 5 2013. Now there are two parallel POA bodies. Gen Arif Hassan POA is recognised by the IOC while Gen Sahi POA is recognised by the PSB. In consequences the IOC is refusing to accept any team from Gen Sahi, which means Gen Sahi POA approved teams/ players would not be allowed to participate in the IOC related games in international arena like Asian games, Olympics, Youth games and other features.

IOC/respective international association have in fact written letter to their counter parts in Pakistan of their stance on being intimated by Gen Arif Hassan of parallel body and likelihood of IOC banning our sports and POA cannot be rule out. In past our selfishness and egoism has resulted in ban on football and badminton and other federations. Both parties are severely pressuring affiliated member/federations threatening of ban if they side with other.

If team goes on recommendation of Gen Arif Hassan POA, the PSB would ban them and if Gen Sahi send a team which of course would not be accepted in first place, but Gen Arif Hassan POA would place ban on them. Both Generals had illustrious careers, but are now hell bound to score points against each other and gobble each other.

So what have we learned over the years? Not an iota of realization that youngsters are watching themselves makes mockery of them just to obtain power. These generals, who are in fact good persons and good professionals who should have been icon of the nation, are setting bad examples for youngster.

Sports teaches sense of competition in a healthy manner, this is not cricket, phrase use to condemn unsporting behavior still hovers in mind Both say we love our country and we are doing this for love our game, people and country. Their love reminds me of Brutus love who stabbed his Friend Julius Ceasar in back to say I love Caesar but I love Rome more than Caesar.

Gen Sahi and Gen Arif must sit down and resolve; either both of you should resign or let one continue till next election. Burry the hatchets, for sake of Ramazan, invite each other over Iftari, it is still not too late, get over it and settle the issue.