RAWALPINDI - Director General Punjab Emergency Service (PES) Rescue 1122 Dr Rizwan Naseer Friday asked the road users to show patience and avoid rash driving during Ramazan, especially before Iftar.

Dr Rizwan made this appeal after reviewing the data regarding road traffic accidents during Ramazan. During review it transpired that Rescue 1122 was managing over 500 accidents every day and most of the accidents during Ramazan are seen before Iftaar due to the impatient attitude of drivers. Therefore, the DG appealed to the citizens, especially the motorists, to show patience and tolerance and never lose temper during this holy month of Ramazan especially while commuting just before Iftar.

He directed all the district control rooms to keep extra vigilant near Iftar timings and an emergency officer must supervise the emergency operations near Iftar time in all districts of Punjab to ensure that all accidents were managed in the most proficient manner. Furthermore the provincial monitoring cell established at Rescue 1122's Headquarters would be holding video conference with all district emergency officers on daily basis and also ensuring round the clock remote monitoring of all District Control Rooms through IP based cameras especially during Iftar and Sehri timing.–Staff Reporter