Apropos reports about “PM’s Adviser Resignation” published in your issue. While the advisor has been shown the door, there are more dual nationals holding key positions in PIAC and PIA Investments, most of them directly responsible for causing huge financial losses to national airline, pilfering its revenues and signing controversial procurement deals for supply of essential spare parts to national airline, submitting series of failed business plans and formation of travel agent cartels that were responsible for fleecing poor Umra and Hajj pilgrims. These are people who cannot get even meager jobs in the countries whose passports they have acquired.

It is not just the sixty inch waist, obese MD of PIA and octogenarian MD of PIA Investments, or Director Customer Services, but the present DMD of PIA, who was promoted to this rank following emergence of photograph showing former Director Marketing doing the circus act, dancing like a clown with a whiskey glass balanced on his head. There are at least six other executive directors holding dual nationalities and almost 29 GMs and 40 DGMs, all holding mediocre qualifications, yet successfully getting promotions, foreign postings of choice and contributing to corrupt mediocrity that has driven this organisation to bankruptcy.

They all form part of an elite club of dual nationals that are involved in systematic plunder of PIA, transfer of foreign currency out of Pakistan through an unofficial courier service that comprises many other dual nationals in flight deck and cabin crew. In fact, those who do not hold a foreign nationality, in spite of their superior academic and professional qualifications are discriminated against for recruitment, foreign postings, promotions etc, which once were given on merit, when PIA was amongst the world’s distinguished and emerging airlines, not a job provider for cronies and unqualified kith and kin of those who matter.


Peshawar, July 29.