If you ask me what are the three basic problems afflicting Pakistan these days and their serious implications on the society as a whole, I would say that priority wise these are terrorism, corruption and unemployment.

The unending incidents of terrorism within the country have weakened its foundations. The terrorists have virtually been able to penetrate into all the major cities of the country. They attack markets, mosques, State's security related institutions and installations, etc. and kill innocent citizens and officers at will. A great sense of fear grips our cities where citizens prefer to stay at home, except for some important work. This state of affairs has not only impeded routine life but has sent negative signals to the outside world that Pakistan is not a safe country to live in.

Corruption to my view, is the second most serious problem in Pakistan. It is so because there is hardly any government department that can claim that it is corruption free. The serious implication of this massive scale corruption has been that one fails to get even one's genuine work done from a department without greasing the palm of officials.

Our whole society has fallen into such moral and ethical decay that everyone finds it proper to be part of the corruption and those who avoid being corrupt are termed as ‘foolish and stupid’. Across the board accountability is the only course through which we can stop or minimize corruption.

The problem of unemployment is also hanging like Damocles’ Sword over the head of our society. This problem is increasing in Pakistan with every passing day with serious implications. Not a single effort has been made by all the successive governments to tackle this monster. Rather, most of the governments have expelled thousands of employees in the past on the name of ‘right -sising and downsising’. This has made the youth of the country frustrated and disappointed, thus leaving no option for them but to be part of anti-society activities such as thefts, kidnappings for ransom, dacoit, mobile snatching, drug-addiction, etc. It is responsibility of the state to create job opportunities for the youth of the country both in the public and the private sectors so that they become useful citizens of the society.


Karachi, July 28.