CHANGCHUN, CHINA - MO - A suicidal husband was saved after trying to leap from his bedroom window - when his wife grabbed him by his boxer shorts.

Witnesses say Ling Su clung on single handed for 20 minutes before police and firefighters arrived. He was dangling from a six-storey apartment in Changchun, Jilin province, northern China. The door to the apartment was locked, which stopped the emergency services reaching her quicker. ‘We heard a shout and screaming and there he was dangling from the window with his wife hanging onto his pants,’ said one passer by. ‘She got a stronger hold on his leg and screamed for help.

‘We tried to get in to help her but the apartment was locked and we couldn’t break down the door,’they added.

Neighbours peered through windows to get a better look at the spectacle.

Rescuers managed to pull 45-year-old Wang Li to safety, who is understood to have been depressed about lack of work.