Entering Lahore Cantonment has become a hassle as there are long queues where the Police and Army have blocked the roads, except for the E-tag lane. I applied for an E-tag in the first week of June and it was supposed to be delivered in four weeks. Nearly eight weeks have passed with no response. On calling the given phone number, I was told that there were nearly 35000 applicants and that the process was taking longer than expected, and was advised to come in person to the Station Head Quarter and check if my name had been cleared by the security agencies. This advice itself belies the ads that say “Save your precious time, get an e-tag for your vehicle.” The E-tag seems to be another brainchild of the Army to mint money. Don’t they have enough, considering they get 70% of the budget? They have free homes, transport, electricity, servants, education, and food all at very low subsidized cost and now we have a huge immoral force out to mint money. They have large land holdings and commercial businesses as well. Which army in the world has this kind of commercial activity going on?

DR. SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, July 26.