LAHORE - Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said the government would hold by-elections if PTI legislators quit the assemblies .
Talking to The Nation on Saturday, Senator Pervaiz Rashid said there would be no harm if 15 members of PTI out of the house of 342 tendered resignations. “We will welcome the move of PTI resignations and hold by-elections on the vacant seats,” he added.
When asked what would happen if PTI also quit the government in PK to press for the demand of mid-term elections, the minister replied that a new government would replace it on the basis of majority MPAs. In the same vein, he expressed a strong possibility of ‘mutiny’ within the PTI itself since it goes against the grains for the legislators elected by the people for five years.
When asked about the back-channel contacts with PTI to sort out the grievances of the party, Pervaiz Rashid said holding contacts with the political parties was part of politics and the government also pursued the same culture to let things get settled without any harm.
When asked whether any party was mediating between the government and PTI for a peaceful and mutually acceptable solution to the problems, he said every democratic force wanted the democratic process to continue. “If PTI sets a precedent to topple an elected government with 5,000 people marching to the federal capital, then next time some other party can follow the suit by taking 10,000 people to Islamabad to overthrow the PTI government if it is there. We must avoid the practice which serves no national interest. So everyone is trying to make it clear to Imran Khan that he must give up the politics of agitation which the country cannot afford at this juncture,” he said.