Islamabad-The National Assembly session will start on Monday during which the lower house of the parliament is expected to witness a heated debate on the issue of deployment of the army in Islamabad.
The session which will start on Monday evening will continue for the next two weeks. The session has special importance in view of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf long march on August 14.
Opposition sources said that the issue of deployment of the army under article 45 would be raised in the session . The sources said that the opposition will urge the government to revoke the decision.The government is expected to take the opposition into confidence over its decision and operation Zarb-e-Azb.

er. Amir said the early success he tasted lured him "down the wrong path", and urged the PCB to take measures to educate young players against corruption.
"What I did was wrong and I got lost in all the fame and wealth," Amir said. "I went down the wrong path. There are people who try to lure cricketers down the wrong path and into corruption and they need to be stopped.
"I would suggest to the PCB to appoint a committee of senior players who can be tasked with keeping a watch on young players in domestic cricket and also in the national team and who can groom and educate these players on how to avoid the pitfalls of world cricket."
He added, though, that the ultimate responsibility rests with the player himself.
"Seniors can play a big role in educating the new players," he said. "But at the end, it is also a fact that, as an individual, one has to be honest with oneself. If you are honest then no one can touch you."