WASHINGTON : A plane carrying a US aid worker infected with the deadly Ebola virus arrived at an air force base in Georgia on Saturday, local television network WSB TV reported.
The private jet carrying doctor Kent Brantly landed at Dobbins Air Reserve Base outside Atlanta, Georgia shortly before 11:50am local time, WSB reported. The worst Ebola outbreak in history is heaping new pressure on US regulators to speed the development of treatments for the deadly virus, which has killed more than 700 people since February.
The Food and Drug Administration said in an emailed statement the agency “stands ready” to work with companies and investigators working with patients “in dire need of treatment.” A senior official within FDA told Reuters the agency would consider proposals for providing treatments under special emergency.
 new drug applications, if the benefits of the treatment outweighed the potential safety risks.
“We take this very, very seriously,” the source said. FDA’s statement follow calls by doctors fed up by the lack of progress on Ebola treatments, a market deemed too small to gain much attention by large pharmaceutical companies. Earlier this month, the agency put a hold on a Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp clinical trial of TKM-Ebola, one of the few Ebola treatments advanced enough to be tested in people. The hold prompted a North Carolina physician with family members in West Africa to say enough.
“This should be the last Ebola epidemic without a cure,” said Dr. Ahmed Tejan-Sie, an internist from Burlington. Tejan-Sie started a petition on Change.org to urge FDA to lift its hold on the drug. It now has 15,000 signatures.