BAHAWALPUR - The United Nation has failed to ensure protection to Muslims and now Muslim world should get united to ensure rights and safety of Muslim world over.
Social welfare organisations will continue raising their voice for the Palestinians and against the Israeli aggression in Gaza.
Addressing a function here, Jamaatud Dawa Central leader Dr Hafiz Abdul Rehman Maki said that Muslims across the globe were faced with hostilities while Palestinian Muslims were facing worst Israeli terrorism.
“In Gaza Israeli did not even stop bombing on Eid Day and the situation binds the Muslim world to get united to defend the Muslims , he pointed out, adding that the freedom of Kashmir, Palestine and other Muslim countries was only possible through Jihad.
The JuD leader said that Muslim World was going through difficult times at the moment and the Muslim leaders should sit together to provide guidance and direction to the Ummah to face this fight for survival. “Only solution to the prevailing problems and difficulties is valour and steadfastness, especially for the leadership to steer its people from this quagmire,” he stressed. He suggested that a strong united defence should be established consisted of Muslim countries besides a strong union for the defence and economic stability of the Ummah .
He warned that enemies of Pakistan were conspiring to destabilize the country as they were scared of Pakistan’s nuclear power. They know that Pakistan is capable of leading the Muslim world and that’s why they were hatching plots to destabilize it.
The JuD leader claimed that Jews and Christians had become united against Muslims as Israel and India were committing terrorism against Muslims with the consent of America. “America wants to avenge her defeat in Afghanistan on Pakistan and for the purpose it has been using India,” Dr Maki declared.
He said that currently Islam was spreading rapidly throughout the world which had made them scared and they had got united to fight against Muslims .
“They fear that Islam will sweep them away,” he claimed, adding that the Muslims needed to awake and protect their rights and respect.