The Prime Minister has declared, after the Judicial Commission’s report, turning out in the favour of PML-N, that the democratic system has been certified to have reached maturity. God forbid if this is ‘maturity’ of democratic system then we should be ready for the revelation of further episodes in our history, this could be in the shape of further inflation of ego of Prime Minister to the bursting point. We can visualise further purchase of luxury cars worth Rs. 3 crores each. We can expect further delays in solving the water and power problems that are worsening by the day.

We may even expect further deterioration in the life of flood affectees and a spate of foreign tours and Umrah at state expense that would deplete the national kitty, to further lows. More near and dear ones would be brought to hold lucrative posts with the NAB, having a further NAP in its dealings. It would be free for all in PML-N’s fold without any question. PML-N ought to build KBD, post haste, without which the nation could never become viable. Is it too much to expect from a resurgent Prime Minister, who has apparently found a new spring board of power? One can only pray that this newly found surge of power can lead to prosperity of teeming millions of poor people that only could strengthen the system or State of Pakistan.


Lahore, July 24.