Punjab Government’s power department is advertising in the newspapers, inviting private investors to come forward to set up Coal Fired Power Plants, offering incentives at various locations, identified by them. I would like to request Chief Minister to have pity on Punjab and learn from Germany, which will be the first country in the world to have its entire electricity requirement from solar, wind and biomass in the next fifteen years; they intend to dismantle all nuclear and coal based power generation plants. Other countries of the world are also investing in solar and wind power generation instead of coal and furnace oil based Power Generation Plants which are causing global warming and polluting the environment.

Why do Pakistani leader’s lack vision and do not think and plan for the future? Why do they spend national wealth on useless projects? I wish Pakistan would follow Germany as a role model, for its education system and energy projects. Pakistan is blessed with sun, wind and water, which should be our source of electricity needs and not coal and nuclear, which has been discarded by developed countries. Why do we have to remain under-developed forever? Why are our leaders are bent on keeping our people deprived of education and health care and remain poor?


Lahore, July 21.