SIALKOT-All the 150 intern nurses and lady health visitors (LHVs) are faced with great ordeal after the demolition of one of the two hostels of Public Health Nursing School Sialkot.

The hostel adjacent to Govt Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ/ Teaching Hospital, was demolished by the management of neighbouring Kh Muhammad Safdar Medical College for expanding the college’s new building.

There were two hostels of Public Health Nursing Schools for the residence of intern nurses and LHVs. The KMSMC management demolished the one hostel building while the nurses and LHVs are forced to live like animals in the small-sized rooms of the old building of the second hostel.

The nurses said that there was no sanitation system for basic infrastructure with seven nurses/LHVs living in each of room meant for only two persons.

They said that the management of KMSMC was fully aware of the situation but has not yet made any remedial measure to facilitate them. The parents of the perturbed nurses and LHVs have also expressed grave concern over the situation.