ISLAMABAD - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is reluctant to consider Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) complaint against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar over Panama Leaks, The Nation has learnt reliably.

Well placed sources informed The Nation that NAB authorities did not call a single meeting to review the PTI’s complaint and send it for further process so far.  They said that it is simple complaint against the PM and his relatives and NAB receives complaints against politicians, government officials and businessmen but it cannot treat them without solid evidence. They said that PTI submitted a complaint without evidence and the NAB will go through it and then decide about its fate.

Sources said that PTI only levelled allegations against the PM and his relatives and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in its seven-page complaint but it could not submit the evidence against anybody along with its complaint. They said that NAB wanted to avoid opening new controversy only on the basis of poor information and evidences.

According to NAB SoPs, it takes two months for verification process of any complaint.

Talking to The Nation, NAB Spokesman Asim Ali Nawazish said that NAB has forwarded the PTI complaint to a concerned department to review allegations against the PM and his family members. He said that the case against PM has been included 179 mega scams’ list which the bureau had submitted to the Supreme Court.  He said that NAB would first look into the PTI complaint whether it adds any further allegation against the PM in new plea which are not included in the existing case and then will decide to start process.

Earlier on July 25, the PTI had filed a complaint under section 18 (b) (ii) of the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 against PM Sharif and his dependents/family members for the commission of offence of corruption and corrupt practices.

“In the light of Panama Leaks, the admitted transgressions by Ishaq Dar, supported by evidence, the money laundering, the futile attempts to hide it, the purchases of properties in London between 1993 to 1996 and later the loans obtained against these properties, the judgment given in London and the execution, the BBC report confirming the purchases of properties in the Park Lane clearly showing Nawaz Sharif family from ordinary businessmen to super rich politicians, Raymond Baker’s book charging Nawaz Sharif with millions of dollars of corruption whose allegations were never contested and never charged for defamation by the Sharifs, all lead to the inescapable conclusion that grave offences under the NAB Ordinance have been committed and limitations does not run against crimes,” the complaint said.

The NAB Executive Board Meeting had already closed the investigation process against the finance minister in money laundering due to lack of evidence.