LAHORE - Jamaat- e-Islami amir Senator Sirajul Haq says the past and the present rulers of the country are afraid of accountability as their hands are “not clean”.

Addressing a party meeting at Mansoora to review the JI’s Corruption-Free Pakistan movement yesterday, he said the JI’s initiative against corruption had united the nation. He said had the rulers been sincere, the process of accountability should have been begun by now. However, he said the issue was not given priority the rulers feared they would be the first to face the music. 

The JI chief said neither the judicial commission for accountability had been set up nor had the 1956 law on the subject been amended so far. He said that keeping silent over the loot and plunder would be the biggest form of hypocrisy.

The JI chief declared that the JI would fight against the promoters of corruption on all fronts in order to eliminate political and economic terrorism in the country and would chase them everywhere.

Sirajul Haq said that certain elements were trying to change the direction of accountability but added that the masses would not allow them to do so. He said the objective of the JI’s drive against corruption was to retrieve the plundered wealth from the mafias and use it for the wellbeing of the masses.

He said if the corruption to the tune of Rs. twelve billion per day was controlled and the nation’s wealth lying in foreign countries was brought back, the government could provide free education and health facilities, homes to the homeless and also cut the electricity and gas tariffs.