islamabad - A woman has approached the Islamabad High Court for recovery of her missing husband who was allegedly in the custody of security agencies.

A single bench of IHC would today (Wednesday) take up the petition moved by Mahera Sajid who expressed her doubt that her husband has been picked up by the agencies.

The petitioner who is a resident of F-10/1 has cited secretaries of ministries of interior and defence, DG Intelligence Bureau, DG ISI, DG MI, Inspector General (IG) Islamabad police and SHO Shalimar police as respondents.

According to the petition, Mahera and her missing husband Sajid Mehmood are both engineers by profession and running a small software development firm called QualityClix and both are parents to three daughters.

She mentioned in the petition that on the evening of March 14, Sajid Mehmood came back home when all the family members were present there with Ameen Ullah Khan a domestic helper also. Around 6:00pm, when the domestic helper opened the gate to go out for an errand, he found eight men standing outside.

The petitioner added that these men immediately barged in while some of the intruders were clad in black uniforms inscribed with the insignia “No Fear” which is usually worn by members of the Elite police force. Some amongst the uniformed men also had black facemasks. The rest of the intruders were clad in plain shalwar kameez which is characteristic of special police and intelligence agency personnel.

The petitioner continued that after forcing their way into his home, the kidnappers seized Sajid and took him out to their car. After that, for around 20 minutes or so, the intruders ransacked the house and took away computer equipment belonging to the family. They also took away Sajid’s wallet as well as the petitioner’s wallet.

She maintained that since the incident happened around evening time, the street was full of people, including children playing outdoors. As a result, the incident was witnessed by a large number of eyewitnesses. Many of them have also signed affidavits to this effect.

Mahera stated that she submitted a written application to police station Shalimar. Despite this application, the police did not register an FIR. Instead, it made a mere diary entry. FIR number 216/2016 was finally registered on July 25, 2016, more than 4 months after the incident.

The FIR was registered reluctantly and only after the intervention of the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearance to whom this matter had been reported by the abductee’s father.

She said that despite the registration of FIR and despite the Commission’s clear instructions to the respondents, no sincere and adequate efforts are being made for the recovery of Sajid from the illegal custody.

The petitioner said that because of the evidence provided by the eyewitnesses regarding the uniform worn by Sajid’s captors, it should not be difficult to trace and recover him, provided the executive authorities proceed with the right intentions. Therefore, she prayed to the court to order recovery of her husband and also order investigations against the abductors.