KAMALIA-The power supply to Eidgah Khaira-Shaheed was cut off as the Auqaf Department remained failed to pay the electricity bills.

Eidgah Khaira-Shaheed is the largest Eidgah in Kamalia city where people offer prayers five times a day. Eid prayers and funeral prayers are also offered there. A Khadim is appointed at Eidgah who is responsible for its cleanliness and leading prayers.

The Eidgah is under the Auqaf Department and the department gets monthly rent from the 20-some shops rented by Eidgah. Moreover, it also gets money in the form of donations by people.

Nearby shopkeepers told this correspondent that the Auqaf Department does not manage the electricity bills of the Eidgah, adding that it also does not pay Khadim appointed there. They said that Khadim’s stipend and Eidgah’s electricity bills are arranged by local shopkeepers on self-help basis.

It is to be noted that it is not the first time that the electricity meter of Eidgah Khaira-Shaheed has been disconnected rather it has happened several times earlier too and was restored by nearby shopkeepers every time.

Social figures and local shopkeepers of the area demanded the Auqaf Department to look into the situation and resolve the issue. They also urged the officials concerned to ensure availability of clean drinking water and other facilities at the Eidgah.

When contacted, an official of the Auqaf Department told The Nation that the electricity bill will be paid in due time and the electricity will be restored soon.