Golden Crescent (Pakistan & Afghanistan) and golden triangle(Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Thailand) are origins of opium productions around the world.CIA operate and manage the drug’s cartel covertly to support her war and economy. 

The same was done in the 19th century by the East India company and Anglos. First(1839-1842) & second(1856-1860) opium war fought between Anglo’s and China by the British to legalise opium trade and besides this 56-58% of the revenue were being generated by the British empire through the opium trade and this provided them with economic boost to bring whole of the India under their subjugation by launching multiple wars. 

The war in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Jorden, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are being supported by the CIA through this drug production and supply around the world. This is how the US is waging a war and bringing her hegemony on the world. 


Karachi, July 18.