Where Karachi is a city of lights, it is a city flooded with population also, which has approximately reached a mark of 18 million. It has lead Karachiites to a great trouble by means of transport. Vehicles are less and the population is more. Mini buses in Karachi are to the worst condition of its phase. The drivers with no road sense drive the buses at high speeds and sometimes race with their fellow drivers too, putting the lives of passengers at risk. They also risk the lives by over flooding the buses with people. These buses also put a negative impact on the image of Karachi because the people travel at roofs of the buses which shows the lack of interest of the government for the Karachiites. 

In the end, through the reference of your column, my suggestion to the concerned department would be that pay some attention towards Karachi as this is the city with highest revenue generation. 


Karachi, July 15.