“I am a mistake of nature, a mad beast.”

–Andrei Chikatilo

In the late 1800’s, H H Holmes, an American serial killer outsmarted the law for more than a decade. He lured victim after victim into his murder castle in Chicago. The building used for these murders was a secret of Holmes evil ingenuity, a hotel that he engineered as a death chamber for guests to enter and never leave. The features of the design included a maze of sharp angled dead ends hallways intended to perplex, walls designed with asbestos to muffle voices, a steel vault for victims to die of suffocation and starvation and gas chambers disguised as guest rooms where lines would pipe in poisonous gas. He disposed off evidence by a hidden chute that transported bodies into a secret basement where he would melt skin off bones in quick lime, also ripping off skin on a dissection table and incinerating any evidence in a high heat furnace.

He conned these victims out of their money, property and most importantly, their lives. One of the last acts of Holmes was to give a notebook to the judge who presided over his trial which included his memoir and confessions.