Sindh government intends to promulgate a new law in the province curtailing further the administrative powers of the IGP virtually making this important position redundant. This development has come on the surface after the row between AD Khawaja and Sindh government on certain issues. After the passage of this law from the Sindh Assembly, now the police will be accountable to a commission comprising of retired bureaucrats and lawyers. The Chief Secretary will be authorised to make the appointment of the IGP. Reportedly, IGP will only be competent to take actions up to the level of inspector where as the posting and transfers of DSP’s to the level of DIG’s will be made by the home minister. I am surprised, if IGP who is otherwise the head of provincial police force will be deprived of his powers then how can he be held responsible for the performance and out put of his subordinates? how will he maintain the discipline and decorum? How will he castigate his subordinates for any dereliction of duties or any wrong doing?. This is highly unbecoming and disgusting approach which will further deteriorate the functioning of Sindh police which is already undermined and in criticism. In other provinces, IGP works independently with all administrative and financial powers to strengthen the police force free from all bureaucratic clutches and impediments. This move of Sindh government will further politicise and weaken this prestigious institution which ostensibly works as a bully boy on the orders of political masters. 

If political stalwarts do not like the face of any individual then in retaliation entire institution should not be maligned and punished. I humbly suggest that if a new law is very much required then the position of IGP should be disbanded forthwith being ineffective in the given circumstances and home minister be made the operational head of the department in uniform. 


Sindh, July 12.