SIALKOT/SAMBRIAL-The Nullah Palkhu and Nullah Aik were in high flood which caused four breaches in the protective dykes and played havoc in the adjoining areas while the River Chenab was in low flood at Head Marala here on Wednesday.

The Nullah Palkhu played havoc in the area as a big peak of 3070 cusecs of floodwater passed through the Nullah which has the total capacity of only 1,000 cusecs water.

According to the local officials of Sialkot district administration, the big peak of floodwater in Nullah Palkhu also breached the local protective dyke over this Nullah Palkhu near village Korpur.

Due to the big breech in the protective dyke, several surrounding villages including Nangal, Chitti Sheikhaan, Korpur and Ghunsaarpur were flooded, as the three to four feet high floodwater entered these villages. The water also ruined the seasonal crops on the hundreds of the acres of land in these flooded villages. The local people remained stuck up and stranded in the floodwater.

Reportedly, four buffaloes of the local villages also died and flowed in the faster flow of water.

The acting deputy commissioner said that the repairing of the breach in Palkhu protective dyke was underway. He said that standing seasonal crops on more than 100 acres of land in Nangal, Chitti Sheikhaan, Korpur and Ghunsaarpur villages were inundated with water.

He said that the flooded Nuulah Palkhu overflowed in outskirts of Sialkot city. The flood water splashed over the banks of Nullah Palkhu inundating as many as eight villages including Nangal, Chitti Sheikhaan, Korpur and Ghunsaarpur (in surroundings of Sialkot City) and also inundating the fields on more than 100 acres of land there, he added. The knee-deep water was also passing on all the main and link roads.

In Sambrial, three breeches occurred due to overflowing Nullah Aik in villages Sahibkey Cheema, Chak Chohdo and Dhillum Balaggun, due to which the local fields on 150 acres of land were inundated.

Assistant Commissioner Sambrial Tauqeer Ilyas Cheema said that the breaches were being repaired. He said that the total capacity of floodwater in Nullah Aik near Sambrial was only 5,000 cusecs while a peak of 6325 cusecs passed due to which the floodwater splashed over the banks of Nullah Aik. He said that the population was totally safe, as the flood situation was totally under control here. He said that the water started receding.

Th Epeople of village Dhillam Balagan are furious over damages of flood because they had also faced heavy flood last year but no preventive measures were taken by the government to protect the banks of Nullah Aik. Haji Rustam Ali and other villagers lodged an application with Assistant Commissioner Sambrial in May 2017 before the start of monsoon to protect the banks of the Nullah but no action was taken by the local authorities, said local farmer Zaheer Dhillow.

At villages Sahibkay Cheema & Raliokay, floodwater damaged crops and roads last year also and damaged roads could not repaired even after one year. Fresh wave of floodwater is again harming the roads, the locals said.

On the other side, in the river, the upstream flow of water was 139,526 cusecs and downstream discharge of water was 116,292 cusecs.

It has total capacity of 1,100,000 cusecs. Acting Deputy Commissioner Umer Sher said that the flow of water was 12,689 cusecs in River Jammu at Saidpur-Head Marala which has the total capacity of 30,000 cusecs while the flow of water was 8,789 cusecs in River Tavi near Head Marala.

He said that the flood situation in Rivers Jammu and Tavi was still normal. However, the water level was rising due to the ongoing fresh spell of heavy rains in Sialkot region and in all the catchment areas in neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Nullah Dek was cool and calm with 824 cusecs water flow in it near Kingra-Sialkot, having total capacity of 17,000 cusecs in it at Noorpur. It rained 66.8 mm at Sialkot Cantt and 29.2 mm at Sialkot Airport, while it rained 130 mm in Sialkot Cantt and 116.4 mm in Sialkot airport, the acting DC added. He said that the entire flood situation was totally under control in Sialkot district. He said that the departments were busy in rescue activities in the villages hit by flooded Nullah Dek.

Meanwhile, the torrential rain played havoc in Sialkot after flooding several villages.

The rain began in the morning and remained continued the whole day intermittently. Torrential rain made water everywhere in Sialkot badly paralysing the civic life and all the trade and business activities here.

Dozens of the public transport vehicles including cars, auto rickshaws, mini trucks and motorcycles remained struck in rainy water on almost all the main inter-city roads in Sialkot city here.

It remained dark cloudy with the loud thunder of the clouds. This nasty situation also posed the flood threats.

The rain inundated all the main city roads and congested areas including Model Town, Mag Town, Muslim Town, Pakka Garha, Nishat Park, Pooran Nagar, Pak Pura, People's Colony, Small Industrial estate Sialkot, Kashmir Road, Defence Road, Kutchery Road, Paris Road, Abbot Road, Jail Road, Railway Road, Mujahid Road, Shahabpura Road, Rangpura, Hajipura , Prem Nagar, Pooran Nagar, Commissioner Road, Bano Bazaar Lehaai Bazaar, Kashmiri Bazaar, Urdu Bazaar, Jandar Bazaar, Muslim Bazaar, congested Allama Iqbal Chowk, Khadim Ali Road, Khawaja Safdar Road, Sialkot Airport Road and Hajipura Road and all the surrounding congested residential, industrial and commercial areas (including Sialkot railway station, Sialkot district jail and all the main and link roads leading towards the Sialkot International Airport) were inundated with the rainy and sewerage.