ISLAMABAD - Senior PTI leader and one of the contenders of the chief minister Punjab Aleem Khan Thursday criticised some TV anchors what he said that he was being wrongly maligned for his closeness with the party chairman Imran Khan.

Aleem Khan while talking to reporters here in Bani Gala said that his hands were clean and he had not made any wrongdoing in his real estate business.

Aleem Khan said that he had been facing wrath of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and only because “he stood with Imran Khan in the past.” He said that he had faced many issues during the past 10 years and CDA and LDA created hurdles in his business only because of his association with PTI.

Imran Khan said that if he had to get undue benefits or favour then he should have done his real estate business in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where PTI was in the government for the last five years but he never did this.

“Only one should tell whether my family or any of my relatives had even one marla piece of land in KP,” he said. He added that if he had to get benefits, then he should have started any housing project in KP. “But I never did this,” he said.

He said that Supreme Court was hearing the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution case and the decision of the apex court would be acceptable to him. “If SC declared us guilty, we will go to the jail,” he said, adding the decision of the EOBI case would be implemented. He added that some TV anchors were criticising him over the EOBI case for no reasons though the matter was subjudice. He said that his firm had sold only one property to EOBI in Lahore out of the 18 properties it had bought. “We are ready to settle the matter in the light of SC directions,” he said, adding his firm had made no illegality in this deal.