Pakistan is a country with scarce resources, having been plundered by few, who held paid or elected public office, or were beneficiary of corrupt tax evading commercial enterprises. Any person, including those who may have served in civil bureaucracy or security services, once they pledge an oath of loyalty to another country and revoke any previous loyalties they may have held for Pakistan are aliens who cannot be beneficiary of any welfare scheme launched by any state funded institution or hold any public office or diplomatic assignment.

The reverse flow of foreign exchange out of Pakistan by these corrupt aliens, exceeds annual remittances by loyal expatriates working in Gulf, Mid East, Europe, Canada, USA, Malaysia etc. Yet these aliens instead of being punished and prosecuted continue to benefit from allotment of lands, membership of elite clubs at subsidized rates and numerous other benefits which citizens of Pakistan are deprived of. Allotment of land for services rendered to paid civil or uniformed employees must be revoked and taken back, the moment they revoke loyalty to Pakistan, which is part of oath they take upon becoming citizen of another country.

Pakistan and its meager resources should be confined to welfare of most deprived of its citizens, for whom this country is motherland, where they will live and die. We owe it to millions who died in 1947 migration and sacrifice of valiant soldiers like Aziz Bhatti etc or citizen Aitzaz Hassan who offered his life in Swat, to protect Pakistan from economic terrorists who have plundered this country and terrorists funded by foreign enemies who were given sanctuary by Zia and continue to haunt this country.


Peshawar, July 14.