islamabad - The unchecked sale of fireworks is again on the rise with manufacturers expanding their production before the Independence Day celebrations despite a ban on the business in the Federal capital. The banned business has instantly thrived in various sectors and commercial centres of the city where retail shopkeepers are seen visiting outlets of wholesale dealers to purchase fireworks.

“Fireworks may be a source of pleasure and excitement on happy occasions, but it is a reality that they pose danger to lives of those involved in its production and usage,” said a citizen Mushtaq Ali. “We have real concerns over the lack of impact of the current regulations and believe that there should be more effective ways to control production and sale of fireworks that pose a massive danger to the citizens specially kids,” said Malik Umair, a resident of sector F-6. A complete ban on the production of fireworks could stop young people from risking their health as they also impinge on the basic human rights because it disturbs people in their houses, said a housewife.  Ahmed Mukhtar, another resident, said that despite the ban traders were selling fireworks and firecrackers.

“Children take more interest in fireworks than badges and other things. Every time I go to the market, my children ask me to purchase fireworks for them,” said a father of 2 children.  He said buying fireworks is wastage of money because children use it for entertainment of just a few seconds. Moreover, fireworks can be dangerous for children. Not only can they injure themselves but fireworks can also trigger a fire inside the house, she added.

“I cannot understand why the law enforcement agencies have ignored the sale of fireworks in the city,” Shahid Abbasi said. “People celebrate special days, sometimes in dangerous ways to show their strong emotions, forgetting that it be against the law and could inflict harm,” said a resident Tahira Waqas. 

“A number of children and youth adversely affected by fireworks are brought to hospitals usually on occasions that are celebrated with enthusiasm,” said Dr Raza. “We feel highly insecure as there are many storehouses where material being used in manufacturing of fireworks is stored that increases chances of critical incidents, posing a threat to the lives of people living in the neighbourhood,” said Ayesha, a resident of sector G-7.