KARACHI - Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that electoral and judicial reforms have become overdue in Pakistan to put the nation and country on the path of progress and prosperity.

Talking to delegations here at the Pasban Secretariat, he said it was a pity that the nation witnessed intense horse-trading after the general elections. He said the winning party had to beg to the independent candidates to form its government. He advised PTI Chairman Imran Khan not to compromise on principles, and to avoid all sorts of blackmail. He said Imran Khan also needs to be well-aware about the tricks of electables so that the whole nation may support him.

Altaf Shakoor said the hearts of minds of people of Karachi and Lahore could only be won by giving megacity constitutional status to these megacities. He said now it the time to make governments in the Centre and the provinces and the politicians are spending billions of rupees to win loyalties of electables.

“The use of carrot and stick is at its peak, which shows the real face of our democracy. The politicians who have spent billions on their electoral campaigns are now preparing to earn trillions from their investments in elections,” he held.

He said the judicial system seemed very slow to make accountable the corruption mafia people who had looted the country with both hands. He said there seem separate standards of justice for the elite and common man. He said till revolutionary reforms are made in the electoral system with emphasis on the proportionate electorate to send real representatives of people to assemblies, this system could never be changed.

He said the slogans of the change would fizzle out if the courts do not decide cases on pure merit and dole out justice to the poor people of Pakistan. He said the Pasban would continue to raise the demand for giving the megacity constitutional status to Karachi and Lahore and an exhaustive planning in this regard is being made.

Pasban Karachi chapter general secretary Sardar Zulfiqar was also present.