In the preceding season, diverging from PTI’s much touted progressive and largely innocuous ranks, the party had curiously sought to enlist many figures that ran the lines of bigotry, misogyny and foul-mouthed vicious partisanship, traits that it had itself called out PML-N stalwarts on in the past. We can still recall the party-rightly- taking up arms against Khawaja Asif’s indefensibly juvenile comment against Shireen Mazari in the parliament. Which is why MNA Aamir Liaquat’s recent juvenile tweet, sexualising Sherry Rehman is so problematic.

Aamir Liaqat’s salacious antics and bigotry, partly pandering to far-right misogynistic and dogmatic ideologies and partly currying TV ratings, is a well-publicised phenomenon. However, where Liaqat’s foray into politics should have been deemed a ludicrous possibility, on PTI’s ticket his antics have been awarded a berth of political legitimacy.

In politics Aamir Liaqat’s grotesque tactic- largely used to delegitimize the opposing party- is a misogynistic and patriarchal manoeuvre inherently and routinely used to vilify and shame female agency into acquiescence. Pakistan’s political culture has been cultivated on patriarchy, indecency and shaming to propagate political cults. Conditioned misogyny and patriarchy in our society can only be tackled by legislating policies that uphold and safeguard the rights of women; which is exactly why such behaviour should not have any place in the Parliament.

Riding the redemptive high of victory, the people and the polity might see the party as sobering up to its original ideology which is why PTI bears the responsibility of bringing wildcards like Aamir Liaqat to the fore. PTI would do well to reign in their elected candidate and publically repudiate his behaviour as averse to the “Naya” Pakistan vision. Aamir Sahib himself needs to be reminded that he now holds the venerable office of an MNA and should abide by the decorum and respect that that vocation and his contemporaries demand, rather than making a mockery of the political process.