Wife of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Kalsoom Nawaz, has returned to her senses being in a coma for almost two months.

The former first lady was under treatment at a hospital in the capital of UK as she suffers from cancer, but, in the hospital, she also suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. The doctors put her on the ventilator.

Hussain Nawaz, the son of Nawaz Sharif, told the media that his mother can move her fingers and lips. She does reply to questions, but only with a “yes” or “not” by the movement of her head.

Hussain said that their mother can now recognize people, but she is still on ventilator as a tube has been put in her neck. The doctors are saying that coming into senses is an encouraging indication and the treatment is moving in a positive direction.

“She is unaware of the ground reality about Nawaz Sharif and Mariyam Nawaz. After coming to her senses, she tried to ask about her husband and daughter but we are not telling her the truth so that her condition does not deteriorate.“