Corruption is a major hurdle in the way of progress and prosperity of the country depriving a deserving person of his due rights on merit. Pakistan has been an effected country by corruption since 1947. Many people and organizations intended to eradicate corruption in Pakistan but failed.

On 16 November 1997, an organization was established named National Accountability Bureau (NAB), for the mission of eradicating corruption in Pakistan. The policy of NAB is “Accountability for all”. The performance of NAB remained excellent as compared to other Anti-corruption organizations since it has been arresting the corrupt people.

Pakistan is considered as a role model for SAARC countries in the eradication of corruption due to NAB efforts and Pakistan is the only country whose Corruption Perception Index (CPI) according to Transparency International report has decreased from 175 to 116. NAB also gives awareness to youth about the impacts of corruption on the country since the youths are the enlighten stars of Pakistan. It is the hope of every patriot Pakistani that NAB will continue its efforts to eliminate corruption in Pakistan because we want a united nation not divided.