The Diaspora leaders and the Executive Members of Organisation of Kashmir Coalition (OKC), Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl and Barrister A Majid Tramboo have expressed their anger and anguish regarding the additional deployment of 85 companies of paramilitary troops to Indian Held Kashmir (nearly 15000 military personnel). The world's heaviest militarized zone is further amplified to crush peoples legitimate upsurge for their basic

right of self-determination and fundamental freedom.

The two leaders stated that it seems that the desire for peace tacitly endorsed during a recent meeting between President Donald Trump of the United States of America and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is being thwarted.

“Instead of endorsing the offer of mediation, which clearly is presented before the international community by the world’s powerful President with the acquiescence of Prime Minister Modi of India, the world leaders have witnessed utter anger and arrogance in rejecting the offered mediation, though such rejection has no force”, Prof Shawl and Barrister Tramboo added.

The leaders further remarked that just on the heels of recent developments at Washington PM Modi's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval visited Srinagar to further strangulate the democratic space for the peaceful protests and prepare an environment for the removal of the contentious Articles 35A and 370.

It may be reminded that one of major poll planks for BJP was the scrapping of Articles 35A and 370 in the state and Article 35A gives special status to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir. It also defines the permanent residents of the state and Article 370 limits the parliament's power to make laws concerning the state.

“The timing of the move is important and a reflection of the intent of BJP lead India abhorrently rejecting all the peace overtures to save its face and a

diplomatic debacle; all the stakeholders particularly USA, UK, China, Russia, EU and OIC need to note the sheer intransigence of one of the contestants, India, and use its tremendous prowess to address this paralyzing stalemate in the interest of regional peace”, Barrister Tramboo and Prof Shawl concluded