ISLAMABAD  -   Federal ministers and other senior members from treasury benches might be engaged in the celebration of Senate chairman Sadiq Sanjrani’s victory in the no-confidence motion against him.

This was the only sentence of yesterday’s national assembly proceedings, made by opposition MNA Sheikh Fiyaz Uddin, before pointing out lack of quorum in the house.

With the onset of the proceedings, the PML-N lawmaker rushed to grab the floor before the start of the long pending agenda. “Federal ministers and other members from government benches are busy in celebration of Senate chairman victory...So they could not attend the proceedings,” the opposition member. Arguing with the chair, he pointed out lack of strength in the house to run the proceedings. The chair, without passing any remarks and sensing the situation, suspended the house for around half hour.

The presence of lawmakers from both sides was thin as around 50 MNAs would hardly be participating in the proceedings.

The chair, after around forty minutes, asked for the vote count and 66 members were present in the house. The house constitutionally required at least 86 MNAs in the house to run the proceedings.

Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani other day had survived the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition.

The national assembly house was again adjourned on Friday due to lack of required members in the house.

The national assembly session was summoned with the break of around two weeks. The house other day could not dispose of around 140 agenda items due to the lack of quorum in the house. While, the house could not dispose of a single agenda item including introduction of bills and matter of K-electric in yesterday’s proceedings.