Governor Punjab Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar termed India's war hysteria the worst kind of terrorism and an assault on peace in the region.

While talking to media after Superior University’s entrepreneurial expo at Lahore, the Governor said that all international organization including the UN instead of observing silence should immediately take notice of Indian terrorism and use of cluster bombs to target citizens. Pakistan will stand right beside Kashmir and will unveil Indian terrorism in front of the world.

Earlier while speaking at the function he said that to build a new Pakistan Ulema, politicians and people from all segment of society will have to step forward and play their part, Political intervention in universities has ended, we are taking exemplary steps to end unemployment.

Sarwar said that to build new Pakistan all segments of the society will have to come forward and play their part and when we all will work collectively for the betterment of country and nation then we will surely succeed in the mission to make Pakistan a Pakistan of Iqbal and Quaid where there will be no discrimination for anyone and everyone will be equally liable under law and constitution and no one will imagine injustice to anyone. He said the targeting of innocent Kashmiris at LOC is condemnable at every level and there is no doubt that India's war hysteria is a threat to peace in the region, by using cluster bomb India has been exposed in front of whole world.