Born in Rajisthan in 1922, Shanta Bukhari started working in a factory from the age of 12. The plight, problems of workers, especially of women, deeply disturbed Shanta. As a result, she decided to join Communist Party of India and kept working for the uplift of the poor laborers throughout her life. She converted to Islam in 1942 and changed her name to Zaibun Nissa. She also married to Jamaluddin Bukhari in the same year. After the arrest of Jamaluddin in Pakistan due to his affiliations with the Communist Party, Shanta skillfully, bravely managed all the political and household responsibilities. In particular, she is known for her efforts to unionize labors. She is considered the first person in Karachi to make a commune of factory workers and laborers. She established Khidmatgar Union for women working in houses and factories and also brought together women working in Bangle and Cloth factories for their rights. She died in Karachi in 2014.

Labor Unions allow the workers to join together and collectively protect, demand their rights. Only three percent of labor in Pakistan is unionized today. This means inadequate safety measurements for workers leading to the incidents like Gaddani and deaths in coal mines, low wages, overworking and minimum or no social security for workers. Can we honor Shanta Bukhari, Labor Unions and the humanity of workers, laborers in Naya Pakistan?