Polio Virus is one of the worst viruses which has been spreading in Pakistan rapidly. Day by day new cases of the virus are coming because of two reasons; first, it is a natural tragedy, second are the parents who don’t allow health worker to vaccinate their children because of which they get effected by life-destroying viruses.

A report shared by the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) said that on 8 July four polio cases were seen, two from KPK while two from Balochistan. Those two polio cases are based on parental refusals that have been reported from district Jaffarabad and Qilla Abdullah in Balochistan, and two cases in district Bannu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. After these four cases were reported, the number of poliovirus victims reached to 41, including 33 polio cases from KPK, 33 from Punjab, 3 from Sindh and 2 from Balochistan.

The concerned authorities are doing their best. I request all parents to kindly let the health workers vaccinate their children so that they would be saved.