Human overpopulation on earth is the most worrisome issue globally. World’s population is estimated to reach 9.8 billion in 2050 which seems to be a huge tragedy.

Pakistan’s population is, unfortunately, getting worst day by day and over the last two decades, its population has grown by 70 million making it the 6th most heavily populated country in the world. According to the World Bank’s report, Pakistan’s population is projected to surmount 300 million by 2050 making it the third-largest populated country in the world. It means that Pakistan will have less land to grow things but more population to feed. If Pakistan’s population is not controlled, won’t it be a tragedy?

Thankfully, the Department for International Development (DFID) Pakistan, is increasing access to quality family planning. Since 2012, the UK support has reached over 1.7 million new family planning users and prevented 4900 maternal deaths, over 3.49 million unwanted pregnancies, and 490,000 abortions. By March 2050, DFID aim is to achieve 550,000 modern contraception users.

Nevertheless, there are several reasons behind high population growth such as poverty leading to high fertility, maternal deaths, malnutrition amongst women and children, early marriages, son preference, and illiteracy in poor homes across Pakistan.

Thus, I appreciate DFID efforts in this regard and I request Pakistan’s government to give more and more concern to this issue since it is the most critical issue that the country is ever since going to face.