The inflation in Pakistan is growing at a very rapid speed which has become a severe issue for a common citizen. I would like the authorities to pay attention that every citizen is paying tax when they buy anything in case the government hasn’t noticed.

When we go to a shopping mart or a shop we can see at the back of every product that GST (government sales tax) is included in the price of that particular product, or whenever we go to recharge the balance in our mobile phones the tax is deducted from it.

The electric bill we pay comes with a tax included in it and we even pay tax on the water that doesn’t even come to our homes. In Karachi almost 70% of the population buys water or they are surviving on boring water. After all of this, the government has introduced more taxes even after we are already paying tax, so I would like the attention of the government on this serious matter and they should consider this tax problem.