In contravention of the generally accepted Eastern norm of especially eulogised in the Muslim World, the recent appeals of even the venerable Mrs Dr A Q Khan to unchain the seriously unwell Dr Khan, have fallen on the deaf ears of the government. With the exception of allowing Dr Khan about a month back, to visit his ailing older brother at Karachi, for only three days, he is constantly under house arrest under the guise of the so-called 'protective custody'. It is an open secret that in addition to prostrate cancer, his health is also plagued by sporadic blood pressure, irregular depressions, anxiety, and hypertension, besides other related ailments. Contrary to unwavering loyalty to Pakistan, pygmies like Musharraf, who are responsible for American carnage in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan resulting in the massacre of millions of innocent Muslims, are being rewarded. Musharraf, for instance, is enjoying life together with his cohorts without remorse, guilty conscience or fear of accountability. The above riddle warrants answers to the following questions: i. What special secrets of the previous regime are hidden in Dr Khan's bosom, the guarding of which necessitates obliterating the person of Dr A Q Khan from the scene, altogether? ii. The question (regardless of its credence, if any) as to how and why Dr Khan's existence, is 'allegedly', a security risk for Pakistan, for which he has spelt his sweat and blood? iii. Finally, do the countries forming the 'Nuclear Suppliers Group', and controlling the international nuclear trade (with only one exception, i.e; China), feel threatened by Dr Khan for fear of unravelling their activities, and are, therefore, behind his continued detention? The fact is that the "Zionist agents in the ranks of American CIA together with others (in collusion with their policy/decision makers), have caused colossal damage to Pakistan and the Muslim World, which is as under: a) FBI and CIA's covering-up of theft of substantial quantities of reprocessed plutonium from American Appollo nuclear labs of Pennsylvania; b) CIA's covering-up of Mossad's highjacking of an American ship laden with two hundred tons of enriched Uranium from the high seas in the early 1970s. c) The Anglo-US plus Canada's extensive and consistent help to India to build up its elaborate nuclear infrastructure, over the past almost six decades, is history. d) Israeli and Indian diversion of thousands of tons of enriched uranium, reprocessed plutonium, and nuclear war-heads from the break-away Muslim States of the then USSR e) Helping India to realise its old dream of joining the prestigious club of 'Nuclear Suppliers Group', by eventually exempting it from the ambit of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1968. The recent Indo-US Nuclear Treaty of 2008 is being used as a mere garb/ladder to facilitate India's ascension to this much higher a pedestal as compared to Pakistan. The said Treaty is being offered as an excuse to dodge the world at large and camouflage their underlying 'real' intentions. f) To the contrary, planning to deprive Pakistan from its natural perennial waterways (Rivers) by apparently enticing (but actually thrusting upon) it the infamous Indus Water Basin Treaty of 1960, through their agents/planted men, at the helm of affairs of at that point in time, in Pakistan. This Treaty has reduced Pakistan totally to the mercy of India, as we are witnessing today. g) Execution of Zionist and Indian conspiracy of separating East Pakistan from Pakistan by connivance of the US and others, at the hands of India; and h) Finally, General Musharraf's despicable role in spearheading the US led West's bloody War On Terror against the Muslims and the Muslim World. Observations of Hindu's treatment of Muslims ever since his childhood in Bhopal and the subsequent migration of Dr Khan's family from India to Pakistan in extremely precarious conditions, left lasting impressions on his mind about the mindset of Hindus towards the Muslims. As a quisitive young scholar in the West, he had a penchant to get to know the things to the core. It comes as no surprise; therefore, that Dr Khan has always been extremely cautious and sensitive about guarding of Pakistan's Nuclear Assets. He has repeatedly warned the Nation to be watchful of the dangers looming upon Pakistan's nuclear programme at the hands of the local and foreign elements. As a matter of fact, it were 'allegedly' the differences on this issue, i.e; the 'modus-operandi' of safeguarding of the Nation's Nukes, which precipitated Dr Khan's removal from KRL's chairmanship, to begin with. Because, Khan's stand on this vital question has been uncompromising. As far as Dr Khan's 'alleged' involvement in some 'alleged' financial bunglings is concerned, it would suffice to say that it is a pack of baseless lies. Dr Khan's great services for Pakistan and the Ummah, of are; (a) Introduction and deployment of Centrifugal method of Enrichment of Uranium in the Muslim World and the Third World; (b) Enrichment of 'U-235' at 95 percent levels (called the weapon-grade uranium); (c) launching, promoting, and strengthening Pakistan's Missile's programme; and (d) equally, rather more importantly, prepared a crop of competent scientists and engineers and thus laid down solid foundations for a self sustained and elaborate national frame work/infrastructure for the continuation of viable research and development in the above-mentioned fields. To the contrary, whereas, Musharraf, (his imported) Shaukat Aziz and their lieutenants harmed and corrupted almost all the national institutions and wrecked the following havoc upon Pakistan: 1. Reduced the Parliament to a mere rubber stamp by arm-twisting and manipulating the top-notched crooked politicians. 2. Engineered the 2002 elections to impose the politicians of his choice. 3. Imposed second martial law to desecrate the judiciary and the media. 4. Got himself forcefully re-elected as "president in uniform", unconstitutionally, from the out-going Parliament, thus polluting all the three, 'the uniforms', 'the Parliament' and 'the office of the president'. 5. Unlawfully imprisoned and handed over thousands of innocent Pakistanis to the American detention/torture cells in Afghanistan, Europe, Guantanamo Bay, and the world over. Unlawful abduction, detention, and deportation of Dr Afia is only one of the thousands of shameful examples of this horrible 'national episode'. 6. Triggered the rebellion in Balochistan against the State through the cold-blooded murder of Nawab Bugti. 7. Perpetrated irreparable loss to the cause of Kashmir by abandoning Pakistan's historical stand on Kashmir. 8. Dishonoured the undisputed, venerable National Hero-Dr Khan by dodging and forcing him to own other's misdeeds and crimes for the nation's sake, the crimes which he had not committed, in the first place. 9. Above all, by pitting the armed forces against their own citizens at the behest of others (foreign powers), he not only disgraced, and tarnished their unblemished image, but also tried to create gulf between the people and this sacred institution. 10. The recent beans spelt by general's former civil and military colleagues, covering a vast spectrum of startling revelations, provide sufficient evidence to support my above-cited claims. What a pity that we have tried to discredit and belittle the services and achievements of Dr Khan rendered for Pakistan, by keeping him in chains to appease the US, instead of elevating him to the well-deserved office of the President of Pakistan. While evaluating Dr Khan's person I must say that Dr Khan was (and I am sure he even now is) a very polite and soft-spoken a person, kind-hearted to the core, with down-to-earth and amiable manners. He would become restless on coming to know the woes and troubles of his ordinary subordinates. He would always help the needy, mostly out of his own resources. Moreover, he weeded bureaucratic red-tapism out of KRL's administrative set-up. He has abundantly been endowed by the Almighty to reach at the nub of even the most intricate/complex problems and issues instantaneously, and then offer their most apt and lasting solutions. Yet, he, too, is no exception to human fallibilities, as no 'mortal' is. The countless virtues of his personality were marred when he was made to distance himself from the low-cadre employees by a "handful of people", under the guise/net of the 'so-called' compulsions of protocol, so tactfully webbed around him (in an un-felt manner) by his above-mentioned, apparent well-wishers. The same thugs were the masterminds and root-cause behind Dr Khan's ultimate downfall. May God Almighty bless Dr Khan with perfect health to enable him to serve this unfortunate nation again, and shower his endless bounties upon him and his family-Aameen The writer holds a law degree from America, with specialisation in Atomic Energy Law. He has served in KRL