ISLAMABAD Capital city has lately worn a new and attractive garb with the advent of autumn that gradually shaded leaves from the lush green to dull ochers, blackish green, shocking red, yellow, pink and golden colours. Trees adorned with multi-coloured leaves sprouting from the branches and birds chirping away in cold silent days have added more colours to the beauties of peaceful city and created a magical spell on those living in the Capital or visiting the popular recreational spots in these days. Slowly transforming colours of trees leaves into diverse appalling colours of pink red, yellow, brown and golden especially along the green belts surrounding the citys roads with brown greenish grass presents an imaginative look, compelling everyone to enjoy loveliness of such an amazing season. Weather places special effects on mood and behaviour of people. If weather is good, people feel good and active as amazing weather not only influences imagination of everyone but also compels them to associate its beauties with their sentiments. Autumn is a time of change and is being considered the most amazing and romantic season of the year that has its own mesmerising beauty. Open spaces, walk tracks and roadsides have majestic surroundings, giving a queer feeling and crisp sound of dry leaves, when they are pressed under feet. Splendour of such an inspiring season always compels nature lovers like artists, poets and photographers to discover and explore the beauty of nature in such an astonishing flavour and depicts its gloom in their own way and through their inspiring sight. Creating majestic effect on the moods, they capture hues and mists of the season and associate it with the feeling of human beings. For some people, autumn is a boring and sad season that makes them dull as compared to other seasons, but for most of the people it is romantic and amazing season and they preferred to enjoy inspiring evenings of autumn at their nearby parks and recreational spots or some lonely places along liveliness of astonishing weather.