ISLAMABAD (APP) The ministry of Health has installed thermal body scanners at major airports of the country for proper scanning of returning Hajis to check swine flu virus. According to official sources, thermal scanners, which scan the body temperature, have been installed for early detection of influenza A (H1N1) virus in Hujjaj coming from Saudi Arabia. They said thermal scanners can point out individuals with raised body temperatures that could be indicative of a fever, a key symptom of H1N1. The instrument is being used globally since the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) flu outbreak. Those who have higher body temperature are indicated by red coloring, as compared to others who have been in the same environment with them. It is necessary to strengthen the identification and management of potentially affected travelers because of the increasing threat, said an official of Ministry of Health. He said these scanners have been installed at airports before returning of Hujjaj from Saudi Arabia after performing Haj. He said instructions have already been issued to the airport authorities regarding proper monitoring of all incoming passengers to check any importation of the virus. Similarly, the ministry has issued instructions to the officials at sea ports and land entry points for screening of individuals on their entering, he added. He said the ministry has made proper arrangements in the hospitals in this regard including immediate isolation and hospitalization of any suspected case. He said heads of educational institutions of the federal and provincial level have also been asked to advise parents to have proper check on their children particularly those having flue-like symptoms. He said the heads of all hospitals across the country have been instructed to advise their staff to maintain the history of such incoming patients with flu-like symptoms and use protective measures while handling such patients. It is pertinent to mention here that World Health Organization has declared swine flu a pandemic and raised the alert against it to the highest level of Phase 6.