The announcement of an increment of 30,000 more American troops in Afghanistan has forced me to write this. Let us look at the history of this war on terror and Pakistan's frontal role in it. To begin with, this war was conceived in conspiracy by George Bush and Pervaiz Musharraf. Bush had no agenda moving forward at home and no chance of rigging back a second term so he raised the specter of a "war on terror to save the American people". Musharraf couldn't have grappled out of the illegitimacy of his rule with out being the mercenary foot soldier in the American war. Both befooled their peoples and are now cozily settled in their respective ranches. The Pakistanis though have just been out of the frying pan and into this fire. How would the war on terror be now? We know the US is currently negotiating in stealth with some 'good Taliban' as reported in some sections of the western media. The proposed escalation of US action in south of Afghanistan would create spasms in our Balochistan, which is already volatile in the wake of the separatist movement there. Our economy is sickened on deathbed. Our Armed Forces are engaged inextricably in a full-fledged war. Our political system is something of a joke with a whole army of NROed ministers headed by a diminished head of the state. Our society is crippled, the civil life almost paralysed. In my view, we should make a sincere effort to disengage ourselves from this war as quickly as we can. Let the US finish what it started. We cannot afford the luxury of this war anymore. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, December 2.