SOLANGE Magnano, a former Miss Argentina and international model, died only three days after having a plastic surgery. The 38-year-old was married and the mother of twins. She still had a successful modelling career, but died from a pulmonary embolism after having the plastic surgery. The model won the honour of Miss Argentina in 1994 and had gone to a clinic with a friend, according to reports from Argentinian Press. The Monica Portnoy owned clinic does about 15 procedures like this every day on average. However, there were complications during the operation, and Solange was rushed to the hospital for acute respiratory deficiency. Dr Gonzales Cortes, the doctor that attended her, said that she suffered the embolism on Sunday after her condition got worse. MN Roberto Piazza, a fashion designer and close friend, said that she had everything, but lost her life in order to have a slightly firmer back side. He also suggested that Solange had become the victim of a beauty-obsessed society. She didnt need a surgery, he said, then explained that she had perfect measurements and a perfect waist. Husband Gustavo Rosso gave a statement through a family spokesperson, dismissing suggestions that the tragedy was due to medical negligence. He said that there have only been 15 fatalities like this worldwide that have been recorded, and they dont want to talk about it being due to malpractice. Although, there are suggestions from experts that this is what happened. MN