ISLAMABAD - Sugar millers across the country, after failure to exploit the farmers, are forced to pay better price of sugarcane to growers, as the raw sugar price in the international market is not affordable. The government had allowed the millers to import raw sugar and was also considering lifting 25 percent import duty from its import to facilitate the millers to produce cost effective sugar but fortunately for the growers, even if duties are lifted, the product is not affordable for the millers to import. TheNation has reliably learnt that this year due to lesser production of sugarcane in the country, it was predicted that price of sugarcane would go very high for the millers. To avoid this competitive situation, the millers were planning to import raw sugar. But it has been learnt that now they are forced to pay better price to growers, as price of the raw sugar in the international market is very high and they are unable to use it as alternative of sugarcane to produce sugar. According to an official of the ministry, a mill of NWFP has amazingly announced this year to procure sugarcane at Rs 155 per 40 kilogram in the very start of the crushing season. He said in Sindh, the procurement had also been started and the price now was not that much as mentioned above but it would go higher according to the prediction. However, at the same time, he said, the masses should also be ready for the inflationary prices of sugar because when the input cost would increase, the products price would automatically be increased. While giving assurance that the product would be available to the consumers on affordable price, he said at least the farmers this year would earn better because of this situation. And we cannot facilitate both the consumers and the farmers at the same time. This year consumers seems to be the losers, as they already are, he said.