KARACHI - A significant quantity of Chinese-made handsets are available in Pakistan that come without valid International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) that has posed serious threats to the national security as such phones have allegedly been used by the terrorists. It was found that the lack of unique IMEI numbers has made it impossible to detect the suspected calls from a specific handset. It was further learnt that IMEI series allocation happens only in hardware type approval. Moreover, these Chinese handsets are fully functional, however, they lack IMEI programming because Chinese manufacturers are usually not registered companies thus no IMEI range is allocated to them. The government of Pakistan has yet not initiated any plan to combat this issue. On the other hand Indian media has reported that as many as 25 million Chinese handsets were blocked in India which were available in the market without valid IMEI numbers. It was reported that the move came after The Department of Telecommunications, India (DoT) had instructed the operators to block cell phones without a valid IMEI number. In this regard several phone sellers have confirmed that the Chinese handsets are usually the duplicates of branded phones. These mobile phones are without IMEI numbers which are typically low-end handsets manufactured by the small Chinese phone manufacturers who cut their costs by skipping the IMEI programming stage. They were of the view that cellular companies and manufacturers in the country are heeding to adopt the prerequisites in this regard but they have yet to streamline mobile connection ownership issues. Lets not expect any super natural thing in Pakistan regarding this in near future, commented an official. He further said that the cellular operators in India had offered such subscribers to either discard their handsets or bring them to official outlets of cellular companies to re-programme their IMEI numbers. It is pertinent to mention that Chinese-made handsets are the continuous headache for the branded mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and others. The sales of branded phones have been impacted significantly after the low-cost Chinese handsets had penetrated into the Pakistani and other developing markets. The phone sellers take it as a positive thing about the Chinese mobile phones that they do not get snatched nor they can be blocked through IMEI number. Considering such fact, the branded companies are now thinking to tackle this technical presentation of Chinese mobiles and for that matter Nokia 5310 is provided with small speakers. Another shortcoming of these Chinese handsets, which goes against both the government and buyers, are the warranties. The warranties of 6 months or one-year for Chinese mobile phones are fake and home-made which are given by the pseudo companies at the rate of Rs50 for 6 months. The Chinese companies do not give any warranty so whatever sort of warranty is given to the customer is just the shopkeepers warranty, which is not reliable in any case. One more thing beneficial for the potential terrorists is that the Chinese mobiles, besides having cheap prices, are not durable and mostly they expired within a year. It is pertinent to mention that earlier in president Musharrafs regime the cellular traders had imported Chinese mobiles in bulk quantity because at that time duty on a cell-phone set was just Rs120.