Like a large number of my fellow countrymen, I have always held the nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan in high esteem. This was mainly due to his services and contribution towards Pakistan's nuclear programme over the years since the day he was invited to return to Pakistan by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1970s to work for making the country an atomic power. But I have been forced to have second thoughts about him. I am sure, many others would also endorse my change of views regarding Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. This change in my thinking has come after reading Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan's interview published in The Washington Post a couple of weeks back. The interview was reproduced here the next day wherein some additional information was provided. The 'added' information was, in fact, provided by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan himself who also confirmed the contents of the report carried by the US daily. As a patriotic Pakistani, I have been forced to think that Dr Qadeer Khan has crossed the limit. He has not acted as wisely as a man of his stature ought to. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan should, thus, be made accountable for harming interests of the country. The criminal silence on the issue by the Pakistan government and its failure to put the record straight in the matter is also deplorable. -QAZI EHSANUL HAQ, Lahore, December 1.