Minister of State for Shipping Nabeel Gabol said a three-star Indian General planned the blasts occurred in Peshawar last month and RAW agents used kidnapped Afghans for suicide attacks. Indian agents supplied weapons in a attack on Sri Lankan cricket team. Pakistan will inform India and international community about this. Nabeel Gabol said Indian High Commission in Kabul has turned into RAW headquarters. While commenting on Indias stance about involvement in Balochistan in an exclusive interview to a private TV channel, Gabol said the goal of Indian High Commission in Kabul is to target Pak and India is not only involved in Balochistan but it is also responsible for recent blasts in Peshawar and Pakistan has evidences of Indian involvement. Replying to a question, Gabol said India is involved in Balochistan since six years. India had killed 300 to 400 people in response of Mumbai attacks. Pakistan is fully capable to reply but Pakistan wants peace in the region. The issue had been discussed with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Pakistan and we will provide evidences to India through international community, he added.