LAHORE - A scam of Rs 6.4 million has surfaced in the Internal Audit Report of the Lady Willingdon Hospital for the fiscal year 2007-08, The Nation learnt on Wednesday. It was also learnt that out of the total amount, not less than Rs 3.9 million had been misappropriated by Hospitals General Store Supervisor (GSS) Islam Khan, who was inducted as peon and later promoted to the post of GSS mainly due to the 'blessings of top-bosses of the Hospital. As the new fiscal year '08-09 is about to end and a new audit report is underway, another miracle of red-tapism, the previous ones will be again trashed and new committees will be framed to evaluate the new report. According to the Internal Audit and Inspection reports on the accounts of the Medical Superintendent of the hospital for the year '07-08, an embezzlement of Rs 6.4 million by the authorities concerned especially by the General Store Supervisor has been found. These reports have been furnished under the supervision of Assistant Director (HQ) Muhammad Aleem, Assistant Director (PAC) Alamdar Hussain Khan and Accounts Officer Internal Audit Wing Health Dept M Shakeel Khan. The Audit reports further state: During the course of Audit it is observed that the contract was not awarded on accounts of PCO and Parking (cycle, motorcycle and car) during the financial year 2007-08 due to which the government sustained a heavy loss. And in the lights of the said report, the loss was mentioned as Rs 18,28,104. During this span of time, a fruit shop, floral shop, general store and confectionary shops were also established irregularly and unlawfully. The amount was also not submitted to the account. The government had to sustain further loss of Rs 1,33,262 as the general store supervisor purchased energy savers at higher rates as no proper care regarding the rates reasonability was given. More interestingly, maximum store items were purchased from an unregistered firm/supplies which was not authorised by the Sales Tax Department/Income Tax/Health Department, at higher rates compared with market rate, which was against financial cannons. Furthermore, the X-Ray machine KXO-50-F/KDU was purchased from M/S Mediquips, Lahore during 1992 under Govt rate Contract No SO(P-2)I/L/638/FEX/474 but it could not be installed despite the lapse of 16 years (from 1992 till date) due to the negligence of the Hospital Management which caused further loss of millions to the govt. It was also learnt that numerous store items were shown as issued from the Main Store to Laboratory but as per record of Lab: the items - Stromatolyzer, Anti-HCV Elisa - were not received from the Main Store, which added Rs 76,110 loss to the govt. The GSS, may be on the orders of authorities concerned, also purchased furniture amounting Rs 4,98,890 without floating open tender in any newspaper during this time and the items like wooden chair, jisti box and wooden rack were purchased on higher rates. Neglecting the medical gases - Liquid Medical Oxygen, Nitrogen and Nitrous Oxide etc - were also purchased at higher rates worth over Rs 1,73,890. It was learnt that firms were not offering the uniform rates and made supplies of same items at different rates to different institutions in violation of the stated provisions of the purchase manual. These gases were supplied to the Lady Willingdon Hospital by the BOC Company. This firm also supplied the gases to the Sheikh Zayed Hospital but there was a huge difference in rates, which was calculated as Rs 10,53,173, that was another magical trick of GSS Islam Khan. It was learnt that Islam had good working rapport with the said company and did all this in connivance with the BOC Company. He also purchased surgical gloves and surgical tape amounting to Rs 14,97,568 at higher rates as these were found exorbitant as compared to Childrens Hospital as well as the market rate and excess amount was calculated as Rs 215,113. Islam also purchased X-ray films and other chemical store items on which excess payment was Rs 7,03,818. The Audit inspectors, however, recovered only Rs 0.3m from the first paragraph, which reveals Govt share recovery amounting to Rs 3,02,566. Medical Superintendent (MS) Muhammad Afzal Shaheen said External Audit was quite clear while various committees were watching Internal Audit report since it appeared. He also said that Rs 0.3m were recovered and further paragraphs were under process. It was also learnt, in the financial year '06-07 the govt issued a special grant of Rs3m for the purchase of different machines for the Research Laboratory but despite repeated requests to the hospital staff for the production of above record, no record was produced and thus it was assumed that there must be embezzlement or some any other problem due to which the record was concealed from the Audit party. On the other hand, the hospital staff drew irregular expenditure of Rs 3,03,441 on accounts of reimbursement of medical charges. The hospital staff who was involved in reimbursement included: Charge Nurse, Noor Elahi, Ex Radiologist, Dr Sadia Mansoor, Hospital Pharmacist, Azeem Butt, Nursing Instructor, Fareelat Begum, Medical Officer, Dr Nasir Mehmood, Nursing Suprintendent, Syeda Rais Ishtaiq, Nursing Instructor, Zarina Akhtar, APWMO, Dr Shahida Parveen, Charge Nurse, Syeda Balqees Fatima, PWMO, Nasreen Akhtar, AMS, Qasir Parveen, SMO, Ijaz Pirzada, APMO, Dr Tahir Shuja, Head Nurse, Muzammal Ibrahim, Charge Nurse, Fareeha Naz, Nursing Instructor, Fareelat Begum, Head Nurse, Kiswar Sultana, Nursing Superintendent, Syda Rais Ishtaiq, AMS, Qasir Parveen, Charge Nurses including Yasmeen Kousar and Noor Elahi, Store Keeper, M Younis, Ward Cleaner, Shoukat Masih, APWMO, Shahida Mirza, Hospital Pharmacist, Azeem Butt, MO, M Saeed, Nursing Instructor, Basharat Naseer Akhtar, Ex Chief Radiologist, Sadia Mansoor, SMO, Ijaz Pirzada, AMS, Qasir Parveen, Office Superintendent, M Aslam, Charge Nurse, Mussarat Afza, MO, Shabbir Hussain.