LAHORE-United States new Afghan policy has been framed to put more pressure on Pakistan as the US wants to achieve some goals through its new policy that are more related to Pakistan than Afghanistan, observed Lt.Gen (Retd) Hameed Gul. Lt. Gen (Retd) Hameed Gul, former Director General, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) was talking to The Nation on Wednesday. He said that US could not achieve anything new by increasing its forces in Afghanistan and the real aim behind the new surge in US troops in Afghanistan was aimed at putting more pressure on Pakistan to expand its operations in the Tribal Areas. What was the purpose of increasing US troops in Afghanistan for one year only and what were their targets as the US President Obama announced that they would start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in 2010, Hameed Gul questioned? He said that the US had failed to achieve its objectives in Afghanistan and it was highly unlikely that it would succeed in the future too. He said that it might be possible that US troops would take some action and Pakistan following the examples of Musharraf era would face the onslaught. He suggested that Pakistan should take note of the new surge in US troops in Afghanistan and review its foreign policy with US in the light of the new American policy. He observed that Pakistan had been a loser since it started partnership with US on war on terror. Dispelling the fears of Talibanisation of Pakistan, he said that Pakistan was a different society and the fears regarding Talibanisation were totally baseless, as only the liberal forces of the country were spelling this fear and their apprehensions about this so-called phenomena were due to Musharrafs policy of 'enlightened moderation that had created divisions among the rightist and liberal forces. Commenting on the statement of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi regarding stay of US troops in Afghanistan for at least another five years, he said if the Foreign Minister had made this suggestion for maintaining our security with US assistance, 'it will be disastrous recipe for our security. He said that US troops immediate withdrawal would be the only solution to the problems of Pakistans Tribal Areas and Afghanistan, adding, that Taliban would not create any problems for Pakistan.If we study the history Taliban have not created any problems for Pakistan and they confine to Afghanistan only, he added. Rejecting the reports regarding talks between Afghan Taliban and US, he said that US held talks with peripheral forces to create divisions among the ranks of the Taliban as the real Taliban had refused to talk with US. 'If the US Government was ready to talk with Taliban, why could our Government not do the same, he questioned? He said that Pakistan Government should also hold talks with people in Tribal Areas as 'we are fighting with our own people and we should try to convince them for peace by initiating political action instead of muscling them down on the dictates of US. We are fighting our own people, while the US is a occupying force in Afghanistan and that is the major difference between the two. About the US reliance on the present govt in the light of news stories in the Western media on President Asif Zardari, he said that the US wanted to achieve its goals in the region with the joint partnership of Pakistan and Afghanistan and a weak govt in Pakistan and re-elected President of Afghanistan through 'rigged polls suits the US than strong governments on both sides of the Durand-Line. He said that the US wanted only subservient rulers who followed their dictates and covered up their misdeeds, rather than questioning their master. Commenting on the statement of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown regarding Taliban and al Qaeda top leadership hiding in Pakistan, Hameed Gul opined that it was aimed at putting more pressure on Pakistan and if the US and its allies had hard information on the locations of Osama Bin Laden, Zawahiri and Mullah Omar, they would have definitely hit them as they had the permission to launch attacks inside our country since the Musharraf era. Regarding any possibility of US strikes in Balochistan for hunting high value targets of Taliban or al Qaeda, he said US troops deployment in the southern border of Afghanistan was only aimed at Balochistan. He said that the US was playing its part in Balochistan but India was playing more active role in Balochistan under the umbrella of the US.