The recent US troops surge should not be taken lightly. Eventually, there would be a blame game to cover-up the failure in Afghanistan, just like it happened in Cambodia. Pakistan might face the brunt of the American wrath at this failure. It is high time that we start looking after our interests. The Pak-Afghan border should be fenced and mined making trans-border infiltration difficult in extreme, if not entirely impossible. With over 70,000 troops that the US is going to have now, let it fight the Taliban and Al-Qaida on the Afghan soil, leaving Pakistan Army to consolidate its grip over its own territory. The transformation of Obama the candidate to a President in the likeness of George Bush clearly shows the might of the US establishment. Like Jimmy Carter, he would continue to speak pious words about his intentions for the various world causes and do nothing despite being the most powerful man in the world. After four years, he would have nothing to show for these words and the US establishment would bring in another Bush to replace him. Pakistan must look inwards to strengthen its federation and watch its own vital national interests. DR. FARID. A. MALIK, Lahore, December 2.